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Congratulation to Y7 and Y8 mathematicians.

29th Jun 2020

London Maths Week

Last week, to celebrate London Maths Week, we held our own GCA Maths Challenge for Years 7 and 8 (organised by Dr Cholij and Ms Kemenc). Each day we set a challenge for the students to solve by 9pm that day.

Up until Thursday the Year 8s were in the lead. However, on the final day the Year 7s made an extra special effort to catch up. The final scores were: Year 7 -  373 points, Year 8 -  364.

Many congratulations to Year 7.

For Year 7 the top three winners are Vasquez (37 points), Debishi  (36 points) and Mary Samuel.  A prize also for special effort to Jerica for submitting answers every day.

Shout outs also to Giorgos, Erik, David, Thoedore and Batu for getting the highest score on one of the days.

For Year 8 the top 3 winning entries are Jamal and Kejdi (each 41 points) and Nathan Joubert (31 points).

Shout outs also for Saeed, Darius, Suna, Shan Shan and Angelo for getting top marks in one of their entries. Also Vincent for narrowly missing the prizes.

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