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Accent Catering at GCA

The Academy’s catering is provided by Accent Catering who pride themselves on preparing all meals from scratch whilst believing in making food a pleasurable and appealing part of Academy life, they understand the requirements of students at all ages through their school years and develop a food offer with this in mind; you can find out more about Accent Catering by visiting their website

Please see the pages below to view the current menus, promotional activity and tariff.

Colin Wills, Operations Manager, Accent Catering 

Platinum jubilee party




Page Downloads Date  
Accent Catering price list 22nd Apr 2021 Download
ENVIRONMENTAL FACTS 04th Jun 2021 Download
REDUCE WASTE PACKAGING 04th Jun 2021 Download
SUMMER MENU 04th Apr 2022 Download
May Recipe Cards 09th May 2022 Download
May Rice Poster 09th May 2022 Download
Platinum Jubilee Street Party 09th May 2022 Download
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