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Governing Body

As parents you will be very familiar with the Principal, Mr Sutton, and with your children’s teachers and other support staff. You hear from them regularly and see them at parents’ evenings.

But you probably have seen very little of the school’s governors. This note explains what governors do, who we are and how we work.

Who are your governors?

Under its constitution, the school has a sixteen-person strong Governing Body.  Governors are appointed or elected as set out below:

  • Four governors appointed by the LDBS
  • Two governors appointed by The Greig Trust
  • The Bishop of Edmonton or his appointee
  • One governor appointed by the West Haringey Deanery of the Diocese of London
  • One governor appointed by the East Haringey Deanery of the Diocese of London
  • The Principal of the Academy
  • Two elected parent governors
  • One elected staff governor
  • One parent governor appointed by members of the Academy Trust
  • Two governors from the local community appointed by the Governing Body

A few other people are invited to attend Governing Body meetings. These honorary or associate governors include a local councillor and a representative of the Tallow Chandlers' Company (which provides financial support for some of the school’s science and technology activities).

We are all volunteers who give our time freely.

The Members of the School’s Academy Trust are as set out below:

  • The current Chair of The Greig Trust (Mr Michael Baker)
  • Two persons appointed by the LDBS (Ms Jill Coughlan and Mr Inigo Woolf)
  • One person appointed by The Greig Trust (Mrs Joye Manyan)
  • Any further members appointed by the above (currently none)

"The governors know the school well and have a clear vision and ambition for the future. They check that leaders’ decisions are in the best interests of its pupils." Ofsted 2019

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