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AQA Media Studies

The Media course offers an exciting opportunity for students to engage with contemporary media texts, as well as creating their own. It offers valuable experience and knowledge for students considering a career in the media sector, but the analytical skills gained will serve as a useful complement to many other subjects – particularly English and History. 

Media Studies will prepare you for a career in the business sector or can lead on to further study at University. Careers could be within the fields of media, marketing, advertising and entertainment as well as IT related jobs – especially digital marketing.


Entry requirements

Due to the extensive critical analytical skills required and the need to engage with media theory, it is necessary to have a 5 grade GCSE in English in order to access the course reading materials.

Course structure and content

Media Studies is a two year course. It aims to familiarise students with key media concepts by applying them to a wide range of media texts. Students will then undertake a more detailed study of issues and debates in the media to prepare for examination. Examples of issues and debates include:

-       Who has more power – the audience, or those who produce the media?

-       Has social media enabled audiences to challenge media stereotypes?

-       Should the media be censored and controlled?

Students will also study 'Close Study Products' (such as film trailers and websites) provided by the exam board and sit an examination on them.

Finally, students will have the opportunity to produce a media product linked to a topic released by the exam board which will enable them to develop skills in Photoshop, film editing and other practical skills depending on the task. 

How is the course taught?

This course demands a high level of independent study and wider reading, as well as motivation in completing the practical elements of the course.



Students will sit a total of four mock exams across the year before the public examinations in the summer. These consist of two written exams in addition to the coursework: 

Paper 1 - 35%

Paper 2 - 35%

NEA (Coursework) - 30%

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