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Examination Information

The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) is the body which puts in place and oversees exam regulations.   These regulations are set in order that all candidates sit their exams under common arrangements.

JCQ monitors all exam arrangements by undertaking regular inspections to ensure that these instructions are followed.  It is therefore important that all candidates know what is expected of them before, during and after exams.

The exam documents listed below should be read and understood by all candidates in preparation of taking their examinations.   Failure to follow these instructions will carry penalties which includes the disqualification of a candidate’s exam.

Exam Code of Conduct

Examination rules for students

The following guidelines are to help exams go as smoothly as possible for you. It is important be familiar with and follow these rules and regulations:

  • Arrive on time
  • Bring your own exam equipment
  • Ensure all work is your own work
  • Ensure you write your name, surname and exam number on the papers
  • Follow instructions from the invigilator
  • Give all papers back at the end
  • Not talk or communicate in any way whilst in the exam room
  • Dress appropriately
  • Ensure that your desk is kept clean

If a student does break the rules, they must be reported to the examination board and run the risk of being removed from the examination room and receiving a ‘0’ ‘on their answer script. A report must be sent to the examination board. It is also possible that, if one student does not follow the rules, all students in an examination could be disqualified.

What should you do?

  • Check your exam timetable carefully. The timetable will be displayed outside the sports hall and Main Hall.
  • All watches, mobile phones, MP3 players, headphones and any other electronic equipment must be handed in to an invigilator or remain switched off in your bag.
  • Candidates must leave at the back of the examination room their hats, gloves, scarves, coats, bags, books, notebooks or any other material not listed on the exam equipment.
  • Bring your own exam equipment. You should have two black pens and mathematics equipment.
  • All your exam equipment should be on a clear transparent pencil bag or case.
  • Students will be admitted in silence to the Examination Room 15 minutes before the exam.
  • You are not allowed to use ink erasers, correcting pens, fluids (tippex) or tape.
  • Bring a bottle of still water in a small clear bottle without the labels.
  • Sit at the desk that has been allocated to you – it will have your candidate number on it.
  • Raise your hand in case you need supplementary sheets.
  • Ensure that your name and candidate number are on your answer script. The invigilator will then dismiss you in silence.
  • On leaving the examination room, please be aware that other students may still be in the exam, so please move well away from the examinations area as quickly and quietly as possible.
  • The use of digital watches in examinations is not allowed. Nor is the use of any calculator or alarm system within a watch.
  • If you know that you are going to be late or unwell, please call Ms Kirmon (Attendance Officer) on telephone number: 020 8609 0164.


Make sure you have all the correct equipment before you arrive to your examinations.

The only equipment and items allowed on your exam desk are:

  • Black Pen (black ink or black ball point pen only)
  • Calculator (without case)
  • Compass
  • One bottle of still water without labels
  • Pencils
  • Protractor
  • Rubber
  • Ruler
  • Clear pencil case 




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