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Green Careers Week?

Taking place from the 6th to the 11th November 2023, Green Careers Week promotes and highlights the various environmentally conscious career opportunities for young people to help the UK move towards it's goal of achieving Net Zero by 2050.  With two-thirds of 10,000 16-25 year olds across 10 different countries stating that they 'were worried' about climate change, in a study from the University of Bath, let's dive into the range of careers to help support our Earth's future! 

An Environmental Scientist

An environmental scientist studies the environment, plants, animals, humans and how these different areas are interlinked to uncover ways for us to adopt more sustainable practices. Their research also gives advice on what is harming the environment and how we can tack it. 

Studying Biology? Find out where it could lead you! 

Green Energy and Technology

From solar power to wind turbines, establishing renewable energy resources is vital for the health of our planet. You could be responsible for working in industries to create cutting-edge technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change.  Check out these Green Careers at bp! 

Environmental Law

Environmental lawyers use their legal knowledge and analytical skills to make our world greener. They could be advising big companies about their legal obligations to the environment. They also work for the government, helping to come up with new laws that protect the earth. Considering a law career? Check out our Law Career Zone! 

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Apply now for the Imperial Outreach STEM Futures Programme 

For Year 10 and Year 12 students of Black heritage

We are pleased to announce that applications for our STEM Futures programme – a two-year academic and pastoral support programme for students of Black heritage who intend to study STEM subjects at university – are now open!

If you have any questions or queries, please contact us by emailing

The programme is free for successful applicants.

There are two entry points to the programme, one in Year 10 and one in Year 12. Participants will take part in a range of in-person and online academic workshops, hosted by Imperial College London and partners, including: 

  • masterclasses in maths and science to support students with revision 
  • summer schools
  • personal development and study skills workshops
  • a month-long series of careers workshops where students can meet Black heritage professionals working in a range of STEM industries
  • conferences
  • supporting students to build their confidence when applying to research-intensive universities like Imperial College London, which require an A/A* in their chosen subject e.g., personal statement workshops/interview skills
  • gaining insights into undergraduate-level study and what it is like to be a student at Imperial College London, from university students of similar backgrounds/interests, studying a range of STEM degrees

Application information and deadlines:


STEM Futures Y12

STEM Futures Y10

Application to open

Thursday 19th October

Monday 30th October

Application to close

Tuesday 21st November

Wednesday 6th December

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