Art and Design – Textiles

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AQA Art and Design - Textiles

Students will be introduced to a variety of experiences that explore a range of textile media, processes and techniques.

Course content

Students will be required to work in one or more area(s) of textile design. They may explore overlapping areas and combinations of areas:

·         fashion design

·         fashion textiles

·         costume design

·         digital textiles

·         printed and/or dyed fabric and materials

·         domestic textiles and wallpaper

·         interior design

·         constructed textiles

·         art textiles

·         installed textiles


Students will explore the use of drawing for different purposes, using a variety of methods and media on a variety of scales. Students will explore the potential for the use of colour. Students may use sketchbooks/workbooks/journals to underpin their work where appropriate.

Students will explore relevant images, artefacts and resources relating to a range of art, craft and design, from the past and from recent times, including European and non-European examples. This should be integral to the investigating and making processes. Students' responses to these examples will be shown through practical and critical activities that demonstrate their understanding of different styles, genres and traditions. Students should be aware of the four assessment objectives to be demonstrated in the context of the content and skills presented.


Personal investigation. No time limit. 96 marks. 60% of A level.

Response to an externally set assignment. Preparatory period + 15 hours supervised time. 96 marks. 40% of A level.

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