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Arthur speaks at the House of Lords

17th May 2024

Sixth former Arthur Henriques was selected by Young Enterprise to speak on their behalf at My Maiden Speech, an event organised by Lord McNicol and The Speakers Trust, which showcased young speakers associated with charities discussing topics of relevance in an election year. It was interesting to see that Arthur was the only boy speaking. 

Arthur spoke about the difficulties young people face in navigating the highly competitive and demanding London job market and the impact that remote and hybrid work models are having on their confidence and wellbeing. He described the Young Enterprise programme as a ‘beacon of hope’, which offers up-to-date activities that mimic the world of work and makes a difference to a young person’s employability. Arthur praised Young Enterprise for helping him develop his skills in many areas, giving him a chance to show initiative and boosting his confidence.  

‘I was incredibly nervous for the whole day. We had a five-hour workshop where we worked on our delivery and body language – the aim was to reduce our anxiety and I found it very helpful. The other students were all encouraging and uplifting. I still felt anxious when it was my turn to speak but I felt a profound lightness when I finished like I never felt before – not in a sense of gladness that it is over, but in a sense of fulfilment. This was a big step for me – it is only the second time I have spoken like this in public, the first time being at the competition for the Young Enterprise north London finals. Despite the nerves I went through, I would do it all again. I will certainly remember this experience for the rest of my life.’ 



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