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DebateMate Cup at SOAS, University of London. 

17th Apr 2024

From Ms Bullock:

Ms Stevenson and I took our top debaters to SOAS to compete in the London Debate Mate Cup sponsored by Sony.

It was a really energetic and challenging day and the teams enthusiastically and diligently competed in three full length competition debates with the following motions:

  1. This house believes that social media makes it more difficult to become a successful musician

  2. This house believes that celebrities should receive harsher punishments for their crimes

  3. This house believes that the UK should introduce a three day weekend

In addition to these debates, we also watched a pretty spicy 'show debate' of former debate maters, teachers and debate mate mentors on the motion: This house would pay students for good exam results. A lot of very vocal responses from the crowd, as I'm sure you can imagine!

The schools who got to the grand final passionately debated in front of everyone on the motion: This house believes that people should break the law to save the environment.

It was super inspiring to see the pupils work together so well and humbly take on the improvement feedback given to them after each debate. We won a few and lost a few but it genuinely was about the taking part - they were up against some pretty terrifying competition. 

Overall, a massively enriching and engaging day and a lot of fun was had!

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