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Women’s History Month - Competition

4th Mar 2024

To celebrate Women’s History Month and the female activists who have campaigned to improve our lives, we are having a statue competition (to do our small part to redress the balance too as statues are often created to celebrate people we admire!)​

All you need to do is create a mini statue (sculpture or model) of a female activist you admire.​

​This could be:​

  • Clay​

  • Papier mâché ​

  • Cardboard​

  • Anything else you choose!​

​Bring your mini statue to DG.04 to enter it by Wednesday 17th April. Ask your history teacher if you have any questions.​

You can also go along to Ms Kendrick’s art club to make your entry. ​

You can talk to your subject teachers for inspiration e.g. environmental activists, art activists, sports activists…​


The winner will be decided by our VIP judge, Catherine West (our local MP) and the winning sculpture will be displayed in school.​

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