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Congratulations to our VEX robotics winners

29th Jan 2024

On Saturday, January 27, we hosted our VEX Robotics Competition Regional Finals with teams from around London and South east, we also had a team come in from The Czech Republic. They won the Judges' Award.

It was a very long day, as we are nearly at the UK National Robotics Championships and all the teams were working hard to qualify.

It was great to see all of our 3 GCA teams in the final alliances, 10478S being knock out in the quarter finals and the 10478B and K head to head in the Semi Finals, where 10478B was knocked out by 10478K, who went on to win the competition!

They also won Excellence and Tournament Champions at Stowe School and earlier in the season at King Henry VIII in Coventry

Loqmane Ghezal 13DK, Driving, Engineering, CAD, Programming and build, now in his final year competing, and working to get to world championships,.

Darius Necula 12CD, Driving, Engineering, CAD, Programming and build

Vincent Hills 12CD, Programming

Jia Bie Lu 13CN, Engineering notebook and general support

This team worked really hard top perfect their robot and tactics in match and develop their programming, so successfully setting yet another national high score! They worked to win the tournament with Highgate’s Memento Mori again, and the teams seem to developed a true alliance partnership in the tournaments they have attended.

Rayan Herda 11PM Driving, Engineering, CAD, Programming and Build

Harrison Wu 11PM Driving, Engineering and Build

After redesign and rebuilding the robot many times they were again one of the most competitive teams in the competition and as has been usual in this season were knocked out by th they have been in the past and needed a lot of work on the day due to technical problems, but did really well to stay competitive and reach the semifinals.

Lekai Ngobeh Driving, Engineering, CAD, Programming and Build

Emmanuel Asi Driving, Engineering and Build

Ade Zie E Driving, Engineering and Build

In their first tournament as a team they spent the day in the top five teams throughout qualifications, hard to do! They have worked hard to build a robot from scratch, program and complete the matches in record time. An exceptional achievement at this level.

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