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Yet another robotics success story!

22nd Nov 2021

Congratulations to our two VRC robotics teams on their success in the tournament at King Henry the VIII School in Coventry on Saturday, November 20.

It was a hard-fought competition with our teams leading the field throughout the day. They all showed excellent teamwork and determination, programming and perfecting their robots then battling it out on the field.

Both teams had consistently high-scoring and reliable robots, and both competed in the nail biting semi and tournament finals

GCA Gearers won the tournament and ATORE won the judges' award. Both teams qualified for the UK National Championships.

GCA Gearers, all 10LA  – tournament champions

Beatrice: logistics and support

Darius: build, driver, strategist

Emmanuel: build

Vincent: build, programmer, technical lead

Lekai: build

ATORE – Judges' award for outstanding teamwork 

Loqmane, 11CB: build, strategist, technical lead

Anda, 11EO: programming, strategist


Very well done!


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