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Governors' appointing bodies and business interests

Name Type Appointed Relevant business interests Attendance at Full GB meetings 2022-23
Hugh Reynolds (Chair) Bishop of Edmonton’s Appointee 01.01.17 None 5 out of 5
Joye Manyan Greig Trust Appointee 12.11.13 Member of the Greig Trust 5 out of 5
Oliver Scoullar-Greig Haringey Deanery Appointee 01.02.17 None 3 out of 5
Paul Vincent LDBS Appointee 01.09.12 None 3 out of 5
Jacqui Miller Haringey Deanery Appointee 13.10.14 Governor, Holy Trinity and St Silas Primary School, London 4 out of 5
Andrea Henry Community Interests Governor 01.09.18 None 5 out of 5
Helen Drummond Community Interests Governor 01.09.11

Parent Governor, Chestnuts Primary School

Employee London Academy of Excellence Tottenham

Director, Withsight Education

3 out of 5
Jasmyn Ross Appointed Parent Governor 05.02.19 None 4 out of 5
Petal Kaddu LDBS Appointee 01.09.16 None 3 out of 5
Paul Sutton Principal      ex-officio 01.09.04 None 5 out of 5
Mark Boult LDBS Appointee 16.11.20 None 5 out of 5
Sara Snow LDBS Appointee 09.05.23 None 1 out of 2
Kate Thomas Elected Parent Governor 25.04.23 None 0 out of 2
Juan Rinaldi Elected Parent Governor 25.04.23 None 1 out of 2
David Sewell Associate Member   Liveryman of the Tallow Chandlers' Company   
Kadeisha Antoine Associate Member 25.04.23 None   
Dionne Lewis Associate Member   None   
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