OCR H446

This A level focuses on programming, building on the GCSE OCR Computing and emphasising the importance of computational thinking as a discipline. It will have an expanded maths focus, much of which will be embedded within the course and will put computational thinking at its core, helping students to develop the skills to solve problems, design systems and understand human and machine intelligence. The course allows students to apply academic principles learned in the classroom to real world systems in an exciting and engaging manner. It will give students a clear progression into higher education, as the course was designed after consultation with members of BCS, CAS and top universities.

Entry requirements

Due to the extensive critical analytical skills required and the need to engage with computing we require a least 6 in GCSE computing and maths. Coding skills are also needed as the project uses python or similar high-level language.

Course content

Component 1

  1. Structure and function of processor
  2. Types of processor
  3. Input, output and storage
  4. Systems software (A Level)
  5. Operating systems (AS Level)
  6. Applications generation
  7. Software development
  8. Types of programming language
  9. Compression, encryption and hashing
  10. Databases
  11. Networks
  12. Web technologies
  13. Data types
  14. Boolean algebra
  15. Computing-related legislation
  16. Moral and ethical issues

Component 2

  1. Thinking abstractly
  2. Thinking ahead
  3. Thinking procedurally
  4. Thinking logically
  5. Thinking concurrently
  6. Programming techniques
  7. Software development
  8. Computational methods


All exams are sat at the end of Year 13.

Paper 1 – 2.5 hrs Algorithms and Programming – externally assessed written exam worth 40%

Paper 2 - 2.5 hrs Computer Systems – externally assessed written exam worth 40%

Unit 3 Coursework - Programming Project – internally assessed and externally moderated coursework 20%

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