AQA A Psychology (7182)

Psychology is becoming an increasingly popular subject encouraging a range of valuable skills, including critical analysis, independent thinking and research. These skills are particularly relevant to young people and are transferable to further study and the workplace. 

For detailed information see the AQA specification: AQA A level Psychology

Aims of the course

To encourage students to:

  • develop reasoning skills regarding human behaviour;
  • understand key disciplines within psychology;
  • develop systematic testing methods and reporting;
  • apply evaluations to human output and economic developments worldwide.

Entry requirements

Good grades in English, maths and science. 

What is expected of you

  • You must be confident writers demonstrating the key skill of extended-writing.
  • You must show that you can apply mathematical skills in research methods.
  • You must be able to take the lead during small group seminars.

Course content

You will study the following:

Paper 1 - all topics are compulsory

1. Social influence

2. Memory

3. Attachment

4. Psychopathology

Paper 2 - all topics are compulsory

5. Approaches in Psychology

6. Biopsychology

7. Research methods

Paper 3 

8. Issues and debates in psychology - compulsory

Plus three options:

9. Cognition and Development

13. Stress

16. Forensic Psychology 


At the end of Year 2 you will complete 3 final written exams:

Paper 1: Introductory topics in psychology (see Course content 1-4)

Paper 2: Psychology in context  (see Course content 5-7)

Paper 3: Issues and options in psychology (see Course content 8, 9, 13 and 16)

The maximum mark for each paper is 96. 

Each paper counts for 33.3% of the marks. 

Papers will include:

  • multiple choice
  • short answers
  • extended writing


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