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A bag-packing journey across the Chiltern Hills

7th Sep 2021

On Friday the 3rd to Saturday the 4th September,14 students accompanied by 3 staff set out on an incredible bag-packing journey across the Chiltern Hills to prepare for their Duke of Edinburgh Award Expedition later this year. All equipment was carried by the party including tents, sleeping equipment, food, portable stoves/ gas and first aid.  We travelled to High Wycombe where the hike began. From High Wycombe we hiked all the way to a small village called Frieth and camped overnight in the woodlands of the site where we were graced by a starlit sky over a campfire. In the morning we set off for the beautiful Town of Marlow and returned back to the school via London Paddington.

The students navigated and problem solved their way through the Chilterns Hills and conducted themselves outstandingly during an incredibly trying journey so let's give them a shout out in passing and wish them luck on their upcoming expedition.


Priya, 11HM

Jasmine, 11EO


Gabriel, 11KT




Angela, 11HM

Ashly, 11IC

Yi Ping, 11PM




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