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Year 7 shout outs

4th May 2020

Year 7 Shout Outs - Week Ending May 1

This week's winner is Serxhio 7CK - a massive well done to you!  There is a letter in the post with a £10 reward for you.

Miroslav 7CK Shout-out for their enthusiasm and intelligent answers in their live English lesson.  Keep up the good work!  Ms N Bullock
Kristijan 7CK
Klaudio 7CK
Serxhio 7CK
Alexandra 7CK
Huda 7CK
Matas 7FM Excellent work in German.  Well done and keep it up!  Ms S Karmann
Tytus 7FM
Obinna 7FM
Saadiq 7FM
Neveah 7FM
Isabella 7FM
David 7FM
Jack 7FM
Drishika 7FM
Lequan 7PE Excellent live lesson.  Lequan was engaged and hard working throughout the lesson.  Well done Lequan.  Ms G Carter
Serxhio 7CK Excellent 3D rainforest model.  Ms S Takacs
Kristijan 7CK
Alexandra 7CK
Olivia 7CK
Arlis 7PE Such a great effort these students are putting in on their online study.  Well done!  Ms S Takacs
Agelos 7PE
Mary 7PE
Georgios 7PE
Erika 7PE
Nikita 7PE
Monlamin 7PE
Dzheylin 7DD For their endless and amazing effort.  Ms S Takacs
Beatrice 7DD
Zion 7PE Helping tidy up and making sure there was no litter around after lunch time at school.  Ms K Tesseyman
Shamari 7SI Asked for and competed extra Science work today.  Ms K Tesseyman
Damian 7JA Submitted an excellent piece of digital art demonstrating he has learnt about colour theory.  Ms N Karsan
Nick 7JA Created a fab piece of artwork in pencil colour.  Ms N Karsan
Serxhio 7CK Excellent coding/programming essay.  Carefully looked at the criteria for getting maximum points.  All points met.  Well done.  Mr R Ullah
Rayann 7SI Beautifully written essay.  Really enjoyed reading this.  Good work Rayann.  Mr R Ullah
Jerica 7LC Excellent participation in MS Teams.  Mr R Ullah
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