Why choose a school with a sixth form?

We get to know your children well right from the time they arrive in Year 7. We will care for them during an exciting - but sometimes high-pressured - time in their educational life. Our years of insight into your son or daughter's academic character and potential will be put to good use in the sixth form.

Staying with us means that your son or daughter will remain in a familiar environment where they have friends and often already settled study groups. Continuity of location, teachers and friendship groups will ease some of the pressure of moving into new educational territory.

Schools like GCA, which offer A levels, attract some of  the very best teachers who are keen to gain the opportunity to stretch their abilities and knowledge

Our subject specialists - A level teachers - benefit the whole of the school as they teach and are available to KS3 and KS4 pupils.

Teachers who move from A level subjects to KS3 in the course of a teaching day will, of course, offer lessons appropriate for the age group but - conscious of the skills required for A levels - will always push for high level debate, critical thinking and questioning, helping to equip your child for A level study. 

Our sixth form ethos encourages aspiration. Assemblies / newsletters / websites / word-of-mouth - all encourage and celebrate achievement at the highest levels.

Higher education is a clear pathway for sixth formers and this is communicated down through the years so from Year 7 onward students can see a path to university. GCA is very much in the sights of the Russell Group - top performing universities across the UK. We maintain close contact with many of them throughout the country and they send us weekly updates on taster courses, specialist mentoring programmes (e.g. medicine, law) seminars, and opportunities for visits. These opportunities are not restricted to sixth formers - an increasing number of tasters and Saturday schools are open to students in Years 9-11. Our Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator is always ready to help students access such opportunities.

Sixth formers are good role models for younger students and at GCA they play a very active part in the life of the school supporting younger students in so many ways.