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Careers Access Policy Statement


Approved by:

The Governing Body

Last reviewed on:

30 November, 2021

Next review due by:

September 2022


1. Aims

This policy statement aims to set out our school’s arrangements for managing the access of education and training providers to students for the purpose of giving them information about their offer.

It sets out:

  • Procedures in relation to requests for access
  • The grounds for granting and refusing requests for access
  • Details of premises or facilities to be provided to a person who is given access

2. Statutory Requirements

To ensure students at Greig City Academy receive the highest quality information, advice and guidance we aim to adhere to Statutory Guidance outlined below:

• Every school should begin using the Gatsby Benchmarks to improve careers provision now and meet them by the end of 2021.

• For the employer encounters Benchmark, every school should begin to offer every young person seven encounters with employers – at least one each year from Year 7 to Year 13 – and meet this in full by the end of 2021. Some of these encounters should be with STEM employers.

• Every school must publish details of their careers programme for young people and their parents.

This is outlined in sections 42A1, 42B and 45A of the Education Act 1997. Our programme of activities shows how Greig City Academy complies with these requirements. See nex page for details and to download the full programme.

3. Student Entitlement  

Year Group

Learning Outcomes


To develop positive attitudes in the pupils towards study and work.


To develop employability and enterprise skills, such as teamwork and communication.


To help students to plan and take control of their future making informed choices at key points in their education.


To provide students with a variety of careers inspiration and guidance through employer engagement.


To provide students with a comprehensive understanding of opportunities post 16 and post 18 including traineeships, apprenticeships, school leaver programmes, HE, FE, employment and training opportunities.


To provide equal opportunity of access to careers inspiration and guidance with impartial advice about options that is available to them.


To help students to reflect on themselves – their abilities, skills, aptitudes and attitudes – so that they can use this knowledge to consider their development.

4. Provider access requests management

A provider who would like to request access to Greig City Academy students should contact:

Maureen Arhagba - Careers Leader & Work Related Learning Head of Faculty - on 020 8609 0191 or email -


Paula Smith – Work Related Learning Advisor - on 0208 609 0198 or email -

We will consider all requests to access students from providers however access may be denied during:

Pre-Public Examinations (Mock Exams) · GCSE Examinations · School Holidays · Public Holidays

5. Safeguarding

Our safeguarding/child protection policy outlines the school’s procedure for checking the identity and suitability of visitors. Education and training providers will be expected to adhere to this policy.

The Greig City Academy School safeguarding and child protection policy can be found at:


For further clarification on this policy please get in touch with the careers team outlined above.

6. GCA Covid 19 Risk Assessment Update: November 2020

To view our assessment of the risks posed by COVID-19 please click here: /1104/covid-risk-assessment-update-november-2020

The school is open for all students and we are actively ensuring we are taking all measures to minimise the risks identified. This document is under constant review and updates will be posted as required.

7. Premises and facilities

Providers can request access the facilities that the require when available we will attempt to make the following facilities available :

  • Main school hall (when not in use for examinations)
  • A Standard (30 capacity) Classroom
  • Interactive White Board (IWB)
  • Projector
  • Speakers for Audio Requirements

If additional facilities are required, please get in contact with, the careers team above to see if additional requests can be accommodated.

7. Links to other Greig City Academy school policies

GCA policies

If providers would like further clarification on any of our policies, please get in contact with the careers team.

8. Monitoring arrangements

The school’s arrangements for managing the access of education and training providers to students is monitored the careers team.

This policy will be reviewed by Maureen Arhagba, Careers Leader in September of every academic year. At every review, the policy will be approved by Paul Sutton, Principal.

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