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Keeping safe online

With the growing use of electronic media amongst our young people, the need for safety when using the internet, mobile 'phones, gaming and social networking has never been more important. Despite the fantastic educational and social opportunities that have been opened up with the advent of new technologies, there are many new dangers which have emerged through these advances. As adults, we all have responsibility for looking after our young people when using these media but are often faced with a bewildering new world of jargon, technologies we don't understand and the fact that our youngsters know more about it than we do!

We are sure you take this responsibility seriously. If you would like any help in minimising some of the risks your child may face when using social media, please call the school on 020 8609 0100 to ask to speak to your child's Head of Year.

Click the first link on the right to download some tips on how to ensure your child uses the Internet and mobile phones safely.

The school's e-safety policy can also be downloaded by clicking the second link on the right.

Haringey Council has produced a leaflet specifically about keeping children and young people safe from radicalism and extremism. You may have no concerns about your children being radicalised but you may still find the document interesting for the general comments it makes about knowing where your children are, keeping communication lines open, listening to them and talking about their interests. You can read the advice here:

Information on Radicalisation and Extremism