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A Church of England School

As a Church of England school we work to build a healthy community of young people and staff who are happy to live and learn in an atmosphere that reflects those simple values central to the Christian faith, including caring for each other and working together for the good of all.  Students have many opportunities in lessons, assemblies and enrichment activities to think through what are sometimes difficult moral, social and ethical issues, and to develop an understanding of, and a respect for, other people’s backgrounds, values and beliefs. 

Of course having the values listed above does not mean that all our students come from a Christian background.  The school has always welcomed students and staff from many different backgrounds and faith traditions as well as those who have no religious belief.  All we ask is that everyone who comes to Greig City Academy will be happy to support the school as a Christian foundation.


“Mutual support, tolerance and respect are valued highly.” Ofsted, 2015