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Student Code of Conduct

At Greig City Academy we believe that everyone has an equal right to learn, be happy and achieve success.

We, the staff and students of the Academy, agree that:

  • We take pride in our school and in our work.
  • We respect one another. We do not bully – verbally or physically –  nor discriminate against others.

In the classroom

  • We are on time for our lessons. We arrive in full uniform and with everything we need to learn.
  • We work in a positive way in lessons. We listen respectfully to the teacher and to one another.
  • We follow instructions and we behave in a safe and sensible manner.
  • We take pride in our own work and we celebrate the work of others in the class.

Moving around the school inside and outside

  • We do our part to maintain the school as a clean and pleasant learning environment.
  • We move around the school in a safe and sensible manner and follow instructions from staff. We take extra care on stairways and when the corridors are crowded.
  • We play sensibly and safely in outside areas.
  • At the end of break time and lunch time we make sure we are ready to learn.
  • We follow the school rules regarding mobile phones.

In the dining hall

  • We eat and drink only in the dining hall and outside the school buildings.
  • We queue for our food quietly and calmly, then sit down to eat.
  • We speak to one another politely and with respect.
  • We clear away trays and put litter in the bin.

This Code of Conduct enables us to create a safe, pleasant environment where all our students can learn and achieve their full potential.

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