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Ebooks & comics online


All students at GCA have free access to the 'Sora' platform.

Download the app or access online at 

Use your school email and then the password 'Sora1'.

There is a large range of audiobooks, and ebooks.

DC Comics 

To access the comics, you'll need to log in with an Amazon or Comixology account and add the comics you'd like to your cart. The price should then be listed as $0.00 and before you can click 'Complete Order' you'll need to tick a box agreeing that you won't print the comics. Once you've completed your order, you'll be able to read the comics from your account.

Alternatively, download the free DC app at the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android. Once you've signed in, scroll along to the 'Free' section where you'll be able to download the comics onto your device.


Marvel Unlimited - Comics

Download the 'Marvel Unlimited' app your phone / tablet.

Click on 'FREE COMICS'.

No login required

(Be careful - if you create a login it may ask for payment. Also, do not use PC version, only app)


Beano Comics 

Download a different classic Beano edition each month!

(And they have a heavy discount to get new copies delivered to your house during lockdown, too).

Project Gutenberg

Classics & harder books. Online or download: epub or kindle ebooks; audiobooks


National Emergency Library

Create your own login - but worth it for the 1.5 million books available.

Borough public e-libraries

You will need your library card and PIN:







You can create your own account and have a 30 day free trail, before costs are incurred. Teen and adult titles.



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