Uniform & equipment

School Uniform

Students in Years 7-11 are expected to wear full school uniform at all times. Anyone arriving at school inappropriately dressed will be given appropriate clothing to wear for the day or be sent home to get changed.

Hats/caps may not be worn on the school premises.

  • Boys and Girls
  • Black blazer with GCA badge
  • Plain white shirt with collar
  • Greig City Academy tie
  • Plain black tailored (loose fitting) trousers, not  denims or leggings
  • V necked jumper, charcoal grey with a blue striped collar
  • Plain black  leather, flat shoes; not trainers/plimsolls or canvas shoes
  • Socks – plain black
  • Religious headwear, plain black only
  • Plain black shower-proof jacket or coat – no body warmers or logos
  • Plain black belt

The school jumper may be worn at any time however it is compulsory between October and May. This may change due to weather related issues, at which time parents will be informed.


  • Plain black skirt, straight or pleated (knee length)
  • Plain black tights
  • Plain black hair bands

6th Form

There is no formal 6th form uniform. Students are expected to wear ‘business dress’ as might be required in an office environment.

Hair, nails, eyes

  • Hairstyles should be appropriate for a school/work environment
  • Long hair should be tied back
  • No brightly dyed hair or weaves
  • No tramlines or patterns cut into the hair (boys)
  • Nail varnish should be clear
  • No false/ acrylic nails or brightly coloured nail polish
  • No coloured contact lense


  • Earrings - one set of small studs
  • Watch
  • One ring
  • Religious items - discreet and approved items only, worn out of sight
  • No other items of jewellery are allowed and wearing additional items could result in confiscation.

Students are to be fit for work at all times. Any additional fashion items that impinge on the safe and effective running of the school will not be allowed. Any items not listed here which the school feels are questionable will be subject to the Principal's discretion.

P.E. Kit

  • Training shoes
  • T-shirt - plain white
  • Shorts - royal blue
  • Games skirt - royal blue
  • Sports socks - royal blue


Every student is expected to provide the following basic items of equipment for all lessons: pencil case containing blue or black pen (and a spare), pencil, ruler, eraser, calculator; and an appropriate bag to carry all equipment. In some subjects text books will be issued on loan and students will be required to pay for any loss or damage.

Expensive equipment and large sums of money should not be brought into school.  Examples include:

  • mobile phones or pagers
  • radios
  • personal stereos
  • MP3 players/iPods
  • electronic games

Any of these items which are seen or used in school will be confiscated. The Academy cannot be responsible for the loss of students' property which is brought on site against the advice and rules of the school.


The Academy promotes healthy eating choices. Any juice, fizzy or energy drinks brought into school will be confiscated if the student is found consuming them on site.