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Arkwright Scholarships

Umar and Max are our latest Arkwright Engineering Scholars  - congratulations to both of them.  

Arkwright Engineering Scholarships are highly regarded by university admission tutors and industry recruiters and are one of the most prestigious accolades that a talented sixth form student can receive.

The scholarships consist of an annual financial award to each scholar (£600) and to his/her school (£400) as well as enrichment activities such as mentoring and industry visits that enhance a scholar's experience of engineering in a real-world context.

Scholars are selected for their potential as future engineering leaders by assessing their academic, practical and leadership skills in STEM. These are gauged through a rigorous selection process comprising: an assessed application form including a teacher’s reference; a two-hour, problem-solving aptitude exam; and a university-based interview.  The scholarships support students through their sixth form studies and encourage them into top universities or higher apprenticeships.

The scholarships are supported by nearly 200 different sponsoring organisations: commercial and industrial companies, industry regulators, Government universities, professional institutions, trade associations, training boards, Worshipful Companies, all three armed services, charitable trusts, personal donors and schools.

You can read more about the benefits of the scholarships here

We have now had six Arkwright Scholars and, as interest in STEM subjects and careers continues to grow at GCA, we expect to see lots more in the next few years.

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