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STEM Showcase February 2020

Many thanks to all the schools that took part in our STEM Showcase in February 2020.

St Aidan’s, Rokesly and North Harringay pupils demonstrated their robotics skills.

St Mary's CofE showed exceptional programming skills with their OhBots.

Devonshire Hill School amazed us with their balloon popping contests and 'makey makeys'.

Noel Park School explained how they had been building a Goblin car at GCA for the previous six weeks.

Then there were all the GCA activities: VEX, Formula 24 racing car, drones, rocket car racing, a maths coding challenge, Arduino programming, chemistry experiments, sparky physics with a Van de Graaff machine that had hair standing on end, 

Thanks also to all the schools that came to learn and support and, we hope, to think about demonstrating next year.

You can see some photos on this page but for more please go to the Photo Gallery. Enjoy!

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