What our students say about the school

The results of our March 2018 Student Survey can be viewed/downloaded by clicking the document on the right of this page. Here are some of the comments that were made by students:

This is a good school because

  • Even on my first day no one knew me and no matter who I was they wouldn’t hesitate to help or listen to me. I know where to go now and it feel like I’ve been in this school for a long time because of how the teachers easily know my name and try their best to make their lessons interesting.
  • It has respected students and teachers and wonderful food.
  • It helps children when they are in trouble or getting bullied.
  • People care about each other. People respect each other, and staff around the school try their best to make the lessons better and they care about our education.
  • Teachers listen to me and also have time for me. 
  • The teachers give us homework and everyone is kind and respect each other.
  • Everybody is given a chance and is not ignored.
  • It always has different opportunities for you to express yourself and the school is very sporty and if you are that kind of person then this school is the place for you.
  • People and teachers push us and get us where we are and sometimes we get scholarships for sports or something different.
  • The lessons and teachers are well prepared and very helpful/educational.
  • It’s funny, teachers are good, the lessons are good and interesting, the teachers are funny.
  • This school is great because there are so many cultures and enthusiasm here, and there are tons of groups like Latin, basketball, football and robotics.