Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is it like being at student at GCA?

A: Our students are encouraged to be creative problem-solvers, rigorous and imaginative thinkers, team-players and responsible members of society. Academically, we are hugely ambitious for our pupils. We make sure they get the results they need to enter excellent colleges and universities, and we have some notable successes.  We offer a broad curriculum and a wider than normal range of GCSE courses to ensure that all students can enjoy their first-choice subjects. We also innovate constantly to make sure we are providing the best opportunities.

Q: How do you communicate with parents?

A: We are very keen to hear from parents at any time whether it’s a question, a comment or a concern. We take parents’ views very seriously and aim to respond to every question or concern within a day at most - much sooner if it’s more urgent, of course.  Parents with children currently at the school say they appreciate how easy it is to get in touch with and talk to teachers and senior staff.

Q: What languages are taught at GCA?

A: We teach Spanish and German at KS3, and both of them plus French at KS4 and 5. Classics/Latin is optional at KS3&4. A group of Year 7s will start Mandarin in September 2018. Multilingual students can also take exams in their own languages.

Q: Students from GCA dive into the chicken shops after school. Don't their parents feed them? Don’t they get lunch at school?

A: Yes we have a very busy canteen but many students use the lunch break as an opportunity to join in one of the many clubs / hobby groups at school. Or they like to spend time in the library. Also, teenagers are hungry! They may be ready for a second lunch at 3.30pm before heading back to for an afterschool club.

Q: Why do we see pupils outside school at 6pm or even later?

A: Many students attend after-school clubs and this keeps them busy well beyond the traditional end of the school day. Our basketball, netball and football teams have a busy schedule of events also.

Q: Do you have links with other secondary schools?

A: Yes, many students will have been coming to GCA since primary school to take advantage of our STEM facilities for example. At A level we link with other schools for specialist support, for example Further Maths is delivered in partnership with Highgate School. 

Q: Do you have a sixth form?

A: Yes, we have a very busy, expanding and successful sixth-form, led by Mr Jon Holt, the 2017 winner of the Haringey Council Cllr. Pat Egan award for outstanding contribution to education. Sixth formers experience a structured and stimulating learning. We offer a very wide range of A and AS Level GCEs and BTEC Level 3 courses as well as a number of Level 2 courses. Course details can be found under the Sixth Form tab of this site.