Consultation on Admissions Policy for 2019 entry

Greig City Academy invites you to comment on its proposal to change the school's admissions criteria. The current arrangements can be found in the Admissions Policy downloadable on this page of the website:

About Us - Admissions - How to Apply.

Please download the document on the right of this page to view the proposed oversubscription criteria for entry into Years 7 and 12 in 2019.

The proposal for Year 7 entry is that, after the offer of places to Looked After Children and those with an exceptional medical, social or educational need for a place at Greig City Academy rather than another school, all remaining places will be open to all Year 6 pupils. This differs from the current arrangements for Year 7 entry whereby only 50% of the remaining places are open.

There are no proposed changes to the Year 12 entry criteria.  

If you wish to comment on the proposal or to ask a question, please:

1. Go to the 'Contact Us' tab on this site and submit an Enquiry Form.


2. Email the Clerk to the Governors - Viv Oxley - at


3. Call our Admissions Officer Mrs Ward on 020 8609 0171.

This consultation will be open for six weeks from October 30th, 2017.