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Summer School 2021

Report on Summer Schools and Activity Programmes held at Greig City Academy during the holiday period, 2021


Year 6 into 7 Summer School:

Ms Onoszko led a team of teachers delivering a two-week programme of literacy, numeracy, sports and creative activities to our new Year 7 recruits. In total more than 120 pupils attended for five days out of the 2 week window and all had a great time. Each course culminated in a drama performance workshop delivered by professional actors where pupils could show off their acting and literacy skills. This gave pupils a chance to meet their classmates and form new relationships ahead of starting the new term. It was also a chance for some to catch up with some of the learning they had missed due to lockdown disruptions earlier in the year.

STEM Summer School

Mrs Arhagba ran a 7 day STEM course for pupils from Years 7 to 12. It gave the group the opportunity to take part in a range of creative, “Making” activities which had clearly been missed out on due to lockdown. 35 students took part in this programme and the display of their work at the Main School Reception is a testament to their success and outstanding creativity.

GCSE Additional Maths Summer School

The Year 10 additional maths group  are high-flyers who needed a boost to keep them on track to sit an additional mathematics examination at the end of Year 11. The group studied maths for 2.5 hours each morning and then went off to do a sport or join in with one of the creative activities. There were also a number of Year 10 pupils who were simply catching up with standard GCSE mathematics topics. Some members of this group also volunteered their time to assist with the holiday activity programme offered for local primary pupils and YearS 6 – 7 transition students.

Advanced Level Science Summer School:

The Science Team led by Mr Farrant delivered a week long summer course at the start of the holidays for a small group of Advanced level students

The GCA HAF Programme: Holiday Fun, Fitness and Food.

Our PE team led by Ms Bouchereau delivered a 3 week long holiday activity programme for a range of pupils from local primary schools though to Year 10 GCA pupils. Between 60-70 pupils attended each week and a total of 200 pupils benefited. This was funded by the Haringey holiday activity and food programme (HAF) and built on the success of the Easter holiday programme (90+ pupils) delivered in April 2021.

A total of 1038 additional pupil days were delivered via the summer school programme and a further 1280 pupil days were delivered through the HAF programmes offered in 2021 (Easter and Summer).

Summer Schools` funding and expenditures report.

Funding Body: UK Gov DFE                       Funding award: £60,894.00                           Total cost: £64,460

Note: Additional cost met from Pupil Premium / Catch up funding

Table of expenditure:

Cost centre


Staffing: Teacher Costs


Staffing: Teaching Assistants


Staffing: (Non-Teaching / Admin / Premises)


Cleaning costs


Resources and classroom Materials


Premises costs


Facilities costs (Inc energy, insurances etc)


Catering costs


Drama workshops


STEM workshop





HAF Activity: Holiday  Fun, Fitness and Food Programme (Summer programme)

Funding Body: LB Haringey                                      Funding award: £40,000                 Total cost: £40,000

Table of expenditure:

Cost centre


Staffing (Teachers)


Staffing Teaching Assistants


Staffing (Non-Teaching / Admin)


Cleaning costs


Resources and Teaching Materials


Premises costs


Facilities costs (Inc energy, insurances etc)


Catering costs (Accent Catering)



Tot £40,000


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