Our second visit to CERN for sixth form scientists took place in February 2017.

Here's what Sahin Ocakkuran said about this year's visit:

"After our visits to the United Nations and the International Committee of the Red Cross we moved on to CERN. We were taken on a tour of the ATLAS facility by a tour guide who was also a lecturer and researcher at CERN.  Before we left we watched a 3D documentary about how the Large Hadron Collider actually worked and then we were shown the original smaller particle accelerator which was an excellent opportunity."

And Mr Koyani adds:

"CERN is a scientific and engineering marvel, showcasing the very best of modern advancements in science. CERN's research has increased our understanding of a wide range of physics principles, from the origins of the Universe to the use of nuclear power here on Earth.  Our visit enabled students to see for themselves what hard work, determination and perseverance are capable of achieving."

Budding scientists and their parents are very welcome to come into school to find out more about the science curriculum and all the extra-curricular activities GCA's scientists enjoy. For a chat or to arrange a visit please contact our Head of Physics, Hiren Koyani hkoyani@greigcityacademy.co.uk. Alternatively call the school on 020 8609 0100 and ask for a message to be sent to Mr Koyani. He will return your call.  

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