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Black History Month

A message from Ms Fraser and Mr Swaby

Every Tuesday lunchtime this term the Humanities department's Black History/Black Lives Matter group invites you to join them in DF06 to learn more about the long-standing but often under-acknowledged contribution of Black people to a whole range of fields and sectors – maths, sciences, the performing arts are just three of the areas we will be talking about.

Thank you to one of GCA's governors, Jasmyn Ross, for the delicious cakes you see here.

12 October Ms Ramirez    Heroes and Sheroes - topic to be confirmed (TBC)
19 October All Food and Dress event. 
2 November Mr Swaby  Africa v Caribbean v Afro Latinas - How can we come together? 
- Black Unity 
9 November Ms Bouchereau  TBC Roots of African Dancing 
16 November Ms Fraser TBC
23 November Ms Fraser & Mr Swaby The impact Black people have had on music through time
30 November Ms Ajoku & Ms Robinson TBC Black thespians through time
7 December Mrs Arhagba TBC Ways/ tips to encourage Black people to delve into career sectors known for having a majority of Caucasian people. 
14 December All  Bring in a dish/ purchase a dish from your culture to celebrate differing Black cuisines, the end of term, Christmas and Kwanzaa 


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