RAS/Boeing Falcon Initiative

GCA was only one of 10 schools selected to run the Falcon Initiative project (sponsored by the Royal Aeronautical Society and Boeing) - this was to design and build a fully functional flight training simulator for under £500.

After one year's work on the prototype phase our mixed-age team is in fourth place. We have until June 2017 to complete the simulator based around the cockpit from a crashed Maule Lunar Rocket light aircraft. The simulator has a motion base, using two redundant stair lift motors and a set of six real flight instruments. The virtual video will be projected onto the windows for an authentic flying experience.

As part of their research activities, our team of 35 students from Years 8 to 13 visited and tried out a number of flight simulators including:

  • Lynx helicopter flight simulator at RAF Benson
  • Hercules flight simulator at RAF Brize Norton
  • Simulators at the Department of Aerospace Engineering, Herts University

Once complete, the simulator will be used by GCA students, students from neighbouring schools as well as two local Air Training Corps squadrons. We plan to exhibit at the Big Bang Fair and at Farnborough Futures Day 2018.

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