Greenpower Racing

GCA races in the Formula 24 series. In 2014 a Year 9 team was given a kit to build a mini electric race car, which they raced at Battersea Park. After Battersea they moved on to the Formula 24 competition. Once in Formula 24 they could do modify the car to improve performance and successive teams have been making adjustments ever since to do just that.   

After a successful 2015-16 season, our original team handed over to a new Year 9 team. At the International Kit Car Final at Rockingham in October 2016 the Year 9 team made it to 15th place on the grid with 36 other teams qualifying and achieved some creditable lap times and average speeds. In the final they finished in 11th place. A great result for an inexperienced team. 

On to 2017 and the team had a brilliant day's racing at Ford Dunton Technical Centre Test Track in July. The team had extensively modified the car and its new sleek all carbon fibre outer shell was super light weight. The girls produced a superb heat sink for the motor, which improved  performance immensely. After two nail biting races they finished 7th overall and in 3rd place in Kit Cars. The students were over the moon and couldn’t wait to receive the trophy and medals. Congratulations to the team on their first podium place of the season: Basos, Tina, Abubakar, Sadie, Safak and Malik. At the end of the season we competed in the international finals where we took 37th place out of 170 - a great performance, achieved despite technical issues. 

In 2018 the season started at Goodwood in June. There were 101 other competing cars at the race, and Aziz and Tafari worked extremely hard to learn a new race track and to drive the car competitively.  They have been working hard to re-develop and improve the car over the past months and they will soon be fitting a new power management system  to improve its energy efficiency.
Aziz and Ms Karsan are working with three primary schools - Chestnuts, Campsbourne and North Harringay - to build Goblin cars which they will be able to race at the end of the year at GCA.


Mr Knappert, Head of Design and Technology, can tell you lots more about this programme. Please feel free to contact him at Alternatively, call the school on 020 8609 0100 and our receptionists will make sure they get a message to him to call you back. Prospective pupils, parents and primary school teachers are very welcome to come into school to talk to Mr Knappert and students.





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