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Alumni News

Accountancy and Management, Archaeology, Architecture, Biochemistry, Biomedical Science, Communications and Media, Computer Science, Criminology, Dance, Drama, French, History, Human Geography, International Relations, Law, Midwifery, Philosophy, Physics with Nanotechnology, Psychology, Spanish, Sports Coaching and Development, Sports Therapy, Theoretical Physics ... just a few of the subjects GCA's alumni are studying at university.

And here are some of the universities where you'll find them:

Warwick, Reading, UCL, LSE, Bristol, Imperial College London, King's College London, Sheffield, Swansea, Manchester, Oxford, Leeds, Brighton, Hull, Surrey, Middlesex, Salford, Nottingham, Birmingham, Cardiff, Southampton, East London, Leicester, Bath, Liverpool, Brunel, Royal Holloway London, Queen Mary College, London ... and many more.  We've also sent students off to the University of Toledo, Ohio and the University of Alberta, Canada. 


The class of 2016

81% of leavers went on to university, all but three to their first choice. Here are just a few of their destinations:

Sharif Matovu - Maths at Bristol

John Oteng - Biochemistry at Bristol

Joshua O'Connell - History at Manchester

Joshua Selvaratnam - Biological Sciences at Warwick

Dionne Marfo - Sociology at Warwick

Hazal Mutlu - Sociology at LSE

Giordano Quintero - Law at Liverpool

Chioma Ikpa - Marketing Management at Lancaster

Joseph Simeon - Chemical Engineering at UCL

Leo Bouniol - Economics at Exeter

Sarah Ogufere - Psychology at Nottingham

Velislava Gateva - Politics and International Relations at Nottingham

Medine Karakas - Sociology at City University

Ian Opoku-Dwete - Information Systems at Brunel

Patric Basse - Drama at Exeter

Briana Nakalembe - Law at Liverpool

Chantelle Iyamu - Drama at Queen Mary, University of London

Mantas Rimkus - Maths at Queen Mary, University of London

Malachi Dixon - PPE at Goldsmiths, University of London

Sara Fulton - Architecture at Newcastle