Our Governing Body

As parents you will be very familiar with the Principal, Mr Sutton, and with your children’s teachers and other support staff. You hear from them regularly and see them at parents’ evenings.

But you probably have seen very little of the school’s governors. This note explains what governors do, who we are and how we work.

Who are your governors?

Under its constitution, the school has a fifteen-person strong Governing Body.  Governors are appointed or elected as set out below:

A total of 7 governors are appointed by the Church of England and the Greig Trust, the school’s joint sponsors

  • Parents of the school elect two parent governors
  • The staff of the school elect two governors, one from the teaching and one from the support staff
  • The Principal is a member of the governing body by virtue of his office
  • Two governors are appointed by the other governors to represent the community and a third parent governor is appointed by the school’s sponsors.

A few other people are invited to attend Governing Body meetings. These ‘honorary’ or associate governors include a local Councillor and representatives of the Tallow Chandlers (who provide financial support for some of the school’s science and technology activities).

We are all volunteers who give our time freely. 

Our vision and ambition for the school

We commit the school to support all students to realise their full potential so that they leave the school with the qualifications, skills and attributes they need to lead fulfilled and rewarding lives. We fully endorse the school’s relentless focus on:

  • High academic and personal achievement
  • Positive attitudes towards learning
  • Exemplary behaviour

Within this context we have defined three goals for the school to meet by 2020:

  • By 2020 the progress made by all students between entry at age 11 and taking GCSEs at 16 will be in the top 10% of schools nationally; and similar progress will be seen in the sixth form, making Greig an outstanding school in terms of examination performance.
  • By 2020, within an excellent all-round curriculum, Greig will be a national centre of excellence in science, technology engineering and mathematics (STEM).
  • By 2020 Greig will be seen as a top school by many more parents in Haringey.

We are proud that Greig City Academy is an inclusive Church of England school, open to all. The school welcomes students and staff from many different backgrounds and faith traditions. The school ethos promotes the central Christian values of caring for one another and working together for the good of all.