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Opportunities abound - carpe diem

There are lots of opportunities for GCA students to learn from professionals, gain work experience and develop their academic skills – competitions, work placements, mentoring schemes, master classes, tasters, university visits and residentials, summer schools. Many are offered through GCA but some determined students just use their brains to research opportunities and their feet to get out there and make an impression.

We'll be posting details of opportunities open to GCA students on this page as we find out about them. Keep checking and see Mr Baxter for more details on any opportunity.

Last updated December 19 2017


UCL has announced the summer schools they will be running this year:

English, Psychology, Natural Sciences, Archeaology, Architecture, Health, Fine Art - and many more opportunities. 

Check them out now - places will go quickly.


Oxford University - Oxford African and Caribbean Society - for these three opportunities please see Mr Baxter 
Visions workshops (March-April 2018)
Participants: Year 9-11
This includes a series of workshops - either held in a school or a firm - firm tours and a follow up event later in the year. Here, the focus is on encouraging students to engage more meaningfully and more positively with the school and work environment. The participants for this are selected entirely at the discretion of the schools invited.
AAC (July 2018)
Participants: Year 12
Students are invited to a London firm for the day. The day includes a number of talks, panels and discussions, lunch and subject-specific sessions. The aim of AAC is to encourage young people to understand, value and utilise their cultural capital regardless of whether they'd like to apply to Oxford or not. From here, AAC aims to cultivate long-term relationships with students and hold a number of follow up sessions (both in person and online) to provide support and advice following A level results day. This is an application-based programme. Click here to apply: https://goo.gl/forms/IUIwp6MhRR4NjIFo2

UCL Futures in Finance Spring School

The Futures in Finance Spring School is designed for Year 12 students who are considering a career in the financial sector, but want to study something other than finance or business at university. This non-residential, four day programme provides participants with the opportunity to attend a number of subject tasters and careers workshops showcasing alternative routes in to finance, develops students' study skills, and gives students the opportunity to find out what studying at a Russell Group university is really like. 

Free online courses from AccessHE

AccessHE Online courses are designed for learners in Year 9 upwards. After registering, students will have a choice of nine fully online courses in subjects ranging from Law to Photography, plus courses to introduce them to university and support independent study. Most of the courses will take approximately 2 hours to complete in total, and students can study sessions at a time that suits them. Once they have completed a course, they will receive a Certificate of Completion.


UCL Gateways Conferences

In July 2018, UCL will be holding a series of Year 12 conferences, each investigating a theme that's relevant to how we see the world today. These conferences are designed to give a taste of what studying at university is like, as well as to encourage deeper insight into an interesting and current topic. Students who attend will also receive helpful information about applying to competitive universities, and will have the opportunity to meet current students and members of academic staff.