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Careers opportunities March 2021 onwards

Dear All,


Please see below a list of opportunities running throughout Easter and the Summer as well as some all-year round courses and training. Keep an eye out on Microsoft Teams for announcements or new resources as we will be sharing more material throughout the week. A number of you have already registered for these events, but if there are some of you who have not yet done so, please register and get involved. Remember to use your school email address when signing up. If you happen to run into any problems registering, contact me via Teams.


Mrs. M Arhagba

Careers Leader


Go Think Big – Have Your CV reviewed by O2

Deadline: Mid-April

Age Requirement: 16+

Receive external, anonymous feedback from an experienced person working at O2 – a leading technology with departments covering marketing, sales, finance, legal, HR, and operations (tech).

O2 have established early-year careers programmes, and the people at O2 get involved with recruitment – so they are well placed to look through your CV and give you some tips and hints to improve it.

D&AD Shift with Google

Deadline: 26th April 2021

Shortlist: 17th May 2021 there will be a ‘Challenge Day’

  • A free, industry-led 4 month part-time night school programme for self-made creatives looking to get into the advertising and design industry.
  • Shift runs for 2 evenings per week and occasional Saturdays from June-September.
  • Entry Requirements:
  • 18+ years of age
  • Be a UK resident
  • Not hold a degree qualification or be currently enrolled in a degree level qualification
  • Be interested in a career in the design, advertising, and creative industries


Addressing unconscious bias: basic awareness in the workplace

When: Any time

  • This 30 minutes online module from ScreenSkills is designed to help you understand what unconscious bias is, how it might manifest itself at work and how to challenge your assumptions to promote greater diversity and inclusion.
  • Professionals working in the screen industries are in the privileged position of making content that reflects the experiences and shapes the thinking of our audiences. If our unconscious biases go unchecked, we are at risk of only working with people like us and limiting the influence of people from other backgrounds. This impacts on what audiences experience on screen, and also whether the screen industry is viewed as an accessible and attractive place to work.
  • Students can take a 20-minute test at the end of the module. If they pass the test (80% and above), students will be able to download a certificate as evidence of their learning.


Tackling harassment and bullying at work

When: Any time

  • This 30 minutes online module from ScreenSkills is designed to help you recognise and address harassment and bullying behaviours in yourself and others.
  • It builds on the principles and zero tolerance guidelines developed with organizations across film, television and games industries by the BFI and BAFTA in 2018.


Mentoring for mentees

When: Any time

  • This 20 minutes online module from ScreenSkills is designed to help you understand the purpose of mentoring, so you can decide whether working with a mentor will benefit you, either now or in the future.
  • This course is recommended for everyone wanting to work in the UK screen industries, which include film, TV, animation, visual effects (VFX) and games.



Endeavor Impacts Industry Access Programs

When: Any time

  • Free virtual courses designed to cerate and improve access and representation in the sports, entertainment, and fashion industries for impact-minded individuals across the world.
  • Available course: NYFW (New York Fashion Week): NXT ’21 – 27 lessons led by fashion and beauty experts and aims to provide aspiring professonals with access to information and tools they’ll need to enter and succeed in today’s fashion industry.



Account Management Entry Level Scheme (Apprenticeship)

Deadline: 31st March 2021

When: Assessment days will be on the 12th and 13th of May, Start in August 2021

Paid: Yes

  • The programme runs for a year, and recruits for entry-level roles in Account Management at VCCP. If you are successful you will be places in the Account Management departments across the partnership, all of which are the perfect environment for those looking to get their first job in advertising.
  • Recruitment will be for three companies: CHIME – VCCP (a creative agency), Good Relations (a PR and content agency) and Snap LDN (another creative agency.
  • Entry Requirements:
    • 18+
    • GCSE Grades 9-4 in English & Maths
    • Keen interest and knowledge of advertising, digital and brands
    • Excellent attention to detail and proactivity


For VCCP and Snap LDN please fill out the application form provided here:

For Good Relations please fill out a separate application form provided here:

University of East Anglia

An Introduction to Screenwriting

When: Available now or start on 5th April 2021

  • A free online course for new and experienced writers built by the University of East Anglia’s School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing on the FutureLearn platform.
  • Explore key issues in the practice of creating screenplays.
  • Explain the basic principles of the screenwriting process.
  • Identify the essentials of the screenplay format.
  • Discuss the construction of a professional script.
  • Design a story ‘pitch’





Deadline: End of April

Paid: Yes

  • Write 3 pieces for £60.
  • Each piece should be written on a word document and roughly 600 words.
  • Topics can range from anything you have experienced within the last year.


Women in Programming – KISS Summer School

Deadline: End of April

When: 19th – 30th July 2021

  • Two weeks of intensive training and activities for up to 20 young women who want to get into the industry.
  • You will have access to a group of industry mentors to guide them on what it is like working in the industry and will be tasked with a brief to generate ideas for KISS Radio.
  • You will get first-hand experience in working in radio and open themselves up to future entry-level opportunities at Bauer.

To find out more about applying to the Women in Programming – KISS Summer School, email

Edinburgh TV Festival

Being a TV Writer (New Voice Awards 2021)

  • An exclusive panel in partnership with The Brit List covering the ins and outs of starting a career as a writer for TV.
  • Topics covered: Making contacts, Getting an Agent, Taking meetings, Scoring your all-important first job and more.
  • Panelists include: Alexandra Arlango, Gabriel Bisset-Smith, Jerome Holder, Matilda Ibini and Roanne Bardsley.

Edinburgh TV Festival

Say It Loud with Jackie Adedeji: Being a TV Presenter

  • In a special live episode of Say it Loud, TV Presenters ask: How important is a brand? How important is social media? How important is having an opinion? What is the difference between an influencer and a TV Presenter?
  • With traditional TV presenting routes becoming a thing of the past, and with more content being produced on an ever-growing list of platforms, we’ll speak to emerging TV presenters Ayshah Tull (Channel 4), Jaydee Dyer (Sky Sports), Sabrina Grant (BBC Two and Channel 4) and Will Njobvu (ITV & Capital Xtra) on how they are building their careers and how they stand out from the crowd.


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