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Listening to a story during COVID school closures - audiobooks and filmed readings


(Don't search for their website, or you will have to pay. Use the link above for free access).

World of Stories

Some great stories for all ages, which are newly published.

Storytime from Space

Great to watch with your younger brothers and sisters. Astronauts reading books from space!

Piers Torday - local author

Piers Torday reads a chapter from his book 'The Last Wild' every day. He also suggests a story prompt each day, and completed stories win prizes! #StoryStarter.

SF Said - local author

SF Said as part of the Barnes Literature Festival - about 50 minutes! Hear him talk about Varjak Paw!

Empathy Lab

This is a page with different links to authors talking about empathy in their books!


Many authors are using their own social media accounts to read daily from their own books. Choose a favourite author and find out what they're doing. Email Ms Swinyard to tell her your favourites, and we can add them to this page!

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