GCE A Level Geography OCR Syllabus H481

Universities like this subject because successful completion shows that you have an understanding of whole world issues and can formulate discussion and solutions to almost every aspect of the physical and human world.

There are many careers where geography is an essential element, including: Town Planning, Engineering, Transport Management, Navigation, Geo-physicist, Geologist, Travel and Tourism, Meteorology, Environmental work and Landscape Management.

Entry requirements

Course structure and content

The specification is based on the completion of 4 units –

  • Physical systems (01)
  • Human interactions (02)
  • Geographical debates (03)
  • Investigative geography (04/05)

Physical systems

Here students will study the physical processes that shape the earth. From the movement of tectonic plates and the resultant volcanic landforms, to the action of weathering, rivers and the sea on the earth’s surface.

Human interactions

Here students will investigate population issues such as migration. This unit also focuses on the development and evolution of settlements and the challenges facing city planners.

Geographical debates

Students will select (alongside staff) a unit of specialist study from a pre released list of topics.  These range from oceans and tectonics, to food and resources and global medicine.  This ability to select topics that particular interest the student is designed to reflect the module choices students will have at University.

Investigative geography and fieldwork Skills

Students will carry out fieldwork during which they will investigate a range of human and physical geography issues.

How is the course is taught?

Your lessons will involve a variety of teaching and learning methods ranging from individual written work and note taking to group work, role plays and seminars. The best way to understand the processes and issues that we cover is to see them in action and it is for this reason that we run three residential fieldtrips over the two year course. This is a unique aspect of geography at Greig City Academy and really helps to boost your grades!

If you have an enquiring mind and like getting out and exploring landscapes then this course is for you. These are not only excellent ways of learning, but they are very good fun!


Two 1.5 hour examinations and another of 2.5 hours are taken at the end of Year 13.  These exams cover all of the aspects of the course and include a skills paper.

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